pringle Elegance 2L pressure cooker with 5 year warranty

pringle Elegance 2L pressure cooker with 5 year warranty

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Cooker has Non-deflecting bottomIt has strong and sturdy metal bodySafety weight valve is givenIt has gasket vent release systemIt has food grade rubber gasketHandles Made from best quality bakelit...

Product Description

  • Cooker has Non-deflecting bottom
  • It has strong and sturdy metal body
  • Safety weight valve is given
  • It has gasket vent release system
  • It has food grade rubber gasket
  • Handles Made from best quality bakelite “heat resistant” designed for better grip
  • Given with 5 Year manufacturer warranty
  • Case on delivery available 
  • Within 7 days replacement policy 
  • This Pressure Cooker Is Made Using High Grade Aluminium That Makes It Strong And Sturdy While Ensuring Lasting Durability. Food Grade Rubber Gasket. This Pressure Cooker Is Safe For Cooking Healthy Meals As It Comes With Food Grade Nitrile Rubber Gasket. Anti-Deflecting Bottom. For Uniform And Quick Distribution Of Heat, This Pressure Cooker Is Designed With An Anti-Deflecting Bottom. Safety Weight Valve. This Cooker Comes With An Aesthetically Designed Weight Valve For Additional Safety. Gasket Vent Release System. The Gasket Vent Release System Allows Excess Steam To Gently Escape Without Clogging The Vent.

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